E-ink Todo List

An thing that integrates into your life, making your todo list more than just data

E-ink Todo List
  • ○ Industrial design
  • ○ Crowdfunding
  • ○ Manufacturing
  • ◉ Build a website
  • ◉ Open Source DIY Tutorials
  • ◉ Open source firmware development
  • ◉ Make a demo
  • ◉ Idea

Coming soon...

Always-on Display

The all-day display feature gently nudges you throughout the day, naturally enhancing the likelihood of action.

Seamlessly Blend In

It seamlessly integrates into your environment. More than just a productivity tool, it’s an item that harmoniously exists in any space.

Focus Without Distraction

Designed to clearly display your to-dos, it avoids the distractions of smart devices, helping you regain focus.